About us


CAPCO was founded in 1989 to deliver the most efficient service, product consistency and confidentiality in the industry. We are a state-of-art, FDA-registered manufacturing facility with a full in-house laboratory and qualified technicians. When you work with CAPCO, we recognize you as more than a customer – you are a partner. We give your products the utmost care and attention they deserve without compromising fast turnaround times.

Albert Licciardo

CAPCO was founded on the strong guiding principles of our founder, Albert Liacciardo, who began his career at the Coca Cola Company as a chemical engineer. Today, CAPCO maintains the same traditional values of unrestrained thinking, respect, integrity, active engagement, accountability and competitive advantage.

Albert Liacciardo says it best, “At CAPCO, we maintain what we consider to be an all-important personal relationship with each of our customers. We value our reputation for reliability, quality and service, and we work hard to maintain that reputation.”

Maulena Licciardo

Now at the helm and serving as President, Maulena Liacciardo has an extensive background in project management, manufacturing regulatory standards, cost analysis and is BRC, HACCP, NOAA, and GMP Certified. She is well respected in the co-packing industry and recognized for her manufacturing expertise. As the inspirational leader of CAPCO, Maulena speaks to the strength of community in her company and dedication to customers. “We have more than 35 employees at CAPCO, and we are proud of them. They are professional, hard-working and a real positive force behind our company."

Our employees take a proactive stance in our core beliefs:
  • Always doing things right and doing the right thing
  • Being leaders in adapting quickly to regulatory changes
  • Developing true partnerships with customers, suppliers and each other
  • Believing in our people
  • Being extraordinarily responsive with effective focus, teamwork, and communication
  • Embracing change and growth.

At CAPCO, we strive to be the most diversified, innovative contract manufacturer on the West Coast. Our flexibility, wide array of co-packing services and customer service have proven to be the primary reason clients continue to choose CAPCO to fulfill their contract manufacturing needs. Check out the CAPCO Difference.


CAPCO is dedicated to producing safe and wholesome products in compliance with all regulatory requirements and the most stringent certifications. Our goal is to always exceed the highest quality standards that our customers expect. For more information about our certifications, check our Certifications page.